jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2007

Precious box (II)

Después de estudiar para la opo del domingo, sigo con este hermoso poema¡SR, cuídame del GPS!

The systematic breakdown of my community
You know I hate my job, I try to save but God
There's just never enough
Switch on, the pressure - stops
You know the one for me, she's on Fox
And she's a little beauty...

Give me your life, give me your life, I want it
Because lately, it's so freezing out here
(This side of the glass, life keeps kicking my ass)
In so many ways, but you make it good
Made me the kind of happy that my baby never could
(This side of the glass...)

So take that picture, stop acting so dumb
Don't you know that the moment will come
I will find someone like you
But with something extra, I'm so sorry baby
I don't know why
I don't know why that is

Precious keeps me company
Keeps me from being alone

Because no-one comes in the morning
No-one comes in the evening time
I'd sit and wait for the phone to ring
I could be waiting my whole damn life

So sick of the same old faces
In this street, where nobody talks to me
And the funny side of the situation is
I don't care, I'll always be there

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