martes, 27 de noviembre de 2007

Precious box (I)

Una letra de otro que hago mía, y me salto el copirrís y todo si hace falta...

In my house there's a circle, where the life comes in
From the stars to my home, down through the stone,
I could have been so alone,
Without my precious box
Have I a family? I guess not
I've never seen a lot of beauty
In my life.

Well in your house there are servants, and the lights all dim
Such a beautiful home, your agent's on the phone, they never
leave you alone
The party never stops!
You say that's fantasy, I say "So what, I need a little beauty..."

So let me in,
You know you've kind of got under my skin
You know we never see a lot of the action round here
My dear
You may want to strip again

And you look so fine in your Gucci suit
And you're making more money than your daddy
could have imagined
But people can go out of fashion, honey, yeah, any time

So take that picture, stop acting so dumb
Don't you know that the moment will come
I will find someone like you
But with something extra, I'm sorry baby
I don't know why
I don't know why that is

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